Tuesday, 3 March 2015

London Fashion Weekend at Somerset House

I do love London Fashion Weekend. Once all of fashion's royalty head off to Milan, we have London Fashion Weekend where Somerset House opens its doors to invite in the general public to shop the looks to their heart's content and see all what fashion has to offer for the upcoming year. I love it. The buzz you feel as soon as you walk into the courtyard is thrilling and i enjoy wandering through the neverending corridors of Somerset House to discover rooms and rooms filled with clothes, shoes and various accessories made my big name and small name designers.

How cute are the rings above. They were priced at around £150 each but they looked gorgeous, perfectly crafted and could really add an edge to everyday outfits. 

Emma J Shipley scarves are some of my favourites and the prints on them are always ones i look out for at London Fashion Weekend. This year, she is collaborating with Disney and this tinkerbell scarf (above) was one of the designs i saw there. It is beautiful and so magical. 

One thing i was disappointed to see was fur being bought back into London Fashion Weekend and there were a couple of rooms full of the stuff. After seeing numerous documentaries about how fur is attained for sale on the luxury market, i can't even look at the stuff without feeling heartbroken. We don't need to kill animals to be warm, i wish designers would get this already and stop advocating it. 

Maybelline had their usual make up room at London Fashion Weekend and this one has to be one of their best yet. I love the way it was displayed with an edgy flowery M on the window and the 'graffitied' mirror. They were offering free 15 minute make overs so i had Lauren do mine for me. She was great and talked me through all the make up she was using and how she was using it. I even ended up buying a couple in the end. 

Monday, 23 February 2015

Oscars 2015: My Favourite Looks

I do love the Oscars, the fame, the dresses and the magic of the glamour enthral me and hypnotise me every year. The who's who of the Hollywood dynasty are invited and they bring it with the most exclusive and exquisite dresses. Here are some of my favourites. First up is Anna Kendrick in this beauty salmon pink dress. Some may think is rather prom like but Anna carries it off to look very ladylike and elegant. 

Dakota Johnson is the lady of the moment with 'Fifty Shades of Grey' in cinema and she broke out fabulous red dress for the Oscars. I like the fact that she played it down with no jewellery and a simple ponytail, makes it look rather chic.

Jennifer Aniston knows how to work the red carpet and she looks amazing. Her glossy hair complements her golden dress perfectly and she looks beautiful.

No one does a red carpet like Elie Saab, such majestic gowns which any woman sparkle. Jennifer Lopez works this dress so well and the train makes it look like something out of a fairytale.

Julianne Moore was the lady of the night at the Oscars winning best actress for her role in 'Still Alice' and she wore Chanel to walk the red carpet. Though it was not the most stylish dress of the night, she made it her own and she looked lovely. 

Last but not least, Keira Knightley who is making her pregnancy haute couture. She rocks up on the red carpet in some of the most amazing creations and this was not any different. I love the detailing on the dress and the way it graces over her baby bump. So gorgeous. 

Monday, 9 February 2015

BAFTAs 2015: Best dressed

You have to love the BAFTAs. They are always a very British affair, incredibly understated and a very respectful and sombre in feel, when comparing it to something like the Oscars. The red carpet for the BAFTAs is very similar in that respect where very few ladies actually get it wrong. Their choices are always quite safe and they always look perfectly coiffed without a hair out of place. First up in my best dressed is Lea Seydoux, her yellow dress could have made her look like a canary but does look stunning in it and the long trail is the perfect length to look very old school Hollywood.

Next up was Felicity Jones. She is such a beautiful girl and i love this dress on her. It was just the right amount of old glamour and a sweet youthful flush of girliness with the flowers on the skirt of her dress. She was up for a BAFTA and lost out but her red carpet style made her a winner in my eyes. 

Both Dianna Agron and Julianne Moore went for the risque splash of red on the red carpet and  it suited them to a tee. I love the little flash of leg and the simple make up on both of them, it stopped the colour swamping them and how amazing is Julianne's red hair.

Up for supporting actress and glowingly pregnant, Keira Knightly still managed to upstage her counterparts in this very girly looking dress. I love the fact that it covered her bump and she still managed to look beautiful in it. The embroidery on her skirt does tie the whole look together really well. 

Last but not least, our very own Tanya Burr in Jenny Packham. Words cannot describe how proud i am of this girl, she has worked so hard to get to where she is now and still continues to be down to earth and herself. Lovely look for the red carpet and the simple gold accents with her shoes and jewellery just ties it altogether. 

GRAMMYs 2015: Best and Worst Dressed

What is it about awards season that makes all our celebrities go completely gaga and have their stylists pick out some of the most ghastly outfits? (See above) Rihanna had the whole cute outfit going with this dress and she was well intentioned but she ended up looking like a giant cupcake. I mean, this is the crazy dress that i would try on in the shop and jump around in to see the layers swoosh around me but then i would choose something a little less.. swooshy.. to wear on the night. Points for creativity but it does swamp her frame and really does nothing for her.

Oh Madonna. This is one woman who will not learn. She may be 50 something and an international pop star but money cannot buy you style. With all the designers in the world at her fingers, she chose to be squeezed into this Victorian corset and have all her bits hanging out. I won't even show you her outfit from the back because it is very much the Rocky Horror Show back there.

Lastly on my hit list is this woman, Kim Kardashian. She is the wannabe pop star turned pop wife who can't sing and now chooses to dress in the blingest outfit known to man to prove to the world that she still belongs in that crowd. She looked crazy in this gold shimmery bathrobe and frankly out of place. Something understated and elegant would have been much better for her, yet she chose to look like a christmas tree. 

Now for some of my best dressed:

It is no lie that i adore Taylor Swift but she knows how to work a red carpet. This space age style outfit could have looked ridiculous on anyone else but she still managed to make it look stylish and fresh by keeping her whole look simple and understated. Beautifully done!

Yet another lady who understands the theory of less is more. A simple tuxedo on Anna Kendrick looked so ladylike and edgy all at the time same time. I love the rock star like make up and her hair looks amazing. 

If in doubt, pardon the pun here, wear a jumpsuit. Gwen Stefani was glowing in this black jumpsuit with sequinned detailing on the bust and it suited her style to a tee.

Most awkward moment:

When are these two going to learn that nobody cares anymore. They are so publicity hungry and desperate for the world to know that they are in love that they won't stop showing it. There is too much to prove i would say but anyway, both of you, get a room. Enough with the PDA, be normal parents, keep your clothes on in public and look after your daughter as best as you can. 

Sunday, 8 February 2015

'Behind the Beautiful Forevers' at the National Theatre

It has been a long while since a play at the theatre has really surprised or has had me gripped to the point where i wanted to dive into the narrative and find out more. 'Behind the Beautiful Forevers' did just this to me and left me desperate to find out more as the story unfolded.

The play tells the story of Zehrunisha and her family who run a rubbish recycling business in the poor slums in Mumbai, in the hope that they can recycle enough to fund a proper house. Sunil, a street boy, is desperate to make something of himself and wants to follow in the footsteps of Kallu, a well to do theif. Asha is stealing government anti-poverty funds to turn herself into a someone of higher societal standing whilst making her daughter Manju, the slum's first graduate. Each of the characters have a story to tell against their bleak landscape of a garbage recycling plant and the ever growing global recession.

Despite the play being based on a book by Katherine Boo, each of the character's stories are bought to life so vividly on stage. You do end up forgetting that you are just watching a play as the characters are so well acted. Meera Syal is brilliant as the free swearing mother Zehrunisha who runs her household and her business with a tight fist. Manju played by Anjana Vasan is such a wholesome minded character who struggles to differentiate between Congreve and Virginia Woolf and struggles to comes to terms with her mother's ways of earning a living.

The real star of the play is Abdul played by Shane Zaza who is desperate to see the good in people and wants to lead a life of honesty in a world which is corrupt around him. The play tells the tale of these characters with a lot of heart and tries to find goodness in each of the characters despite their devious ways of earning a living.

See here for more information about buying tickets, it is a great watch!

Friday, 30 January 2015

Couture week in Fashion


I do love couture fashion week, the dresses just look like they have walked out of a Disney fairytale with each one crafted to perfection. Each of these dresses speak for themselves when it comes to looking elegant and fashionable all at the same time. Here are some of my favourite looks and what i thought of them. 

I loved this look on Kendall Jenner for Chanel (above), for one it is refreshing to see Chanel moving towards a younger look with an emphasis on ladylike elegance. The cropped blouse with the organza flowery skirt is so easy to replicate by someone who may not have the budget to spend on Chanel and it is still so classy and in Chanel's style.

Elie Saab has always been a favourite of mine. All their dresses always have this floaty fragility about them with full skirted bottoms and a delicate bodice. Valentino also showcased a couple of pieces with the same theme, i loved the embroidered text dress reinforcing the theme of fairytales and writing words in the wind. 

Last but not least, Zuhair Murad bought yet another beautiful collection to the catwalk. What i like about this collection is the fact that it can easily adapted for any occasion, not just a wedding or a prom dress. The blue 'Frozen' inspired dress is breathtaking and i can see it being a favourite on the red carpet. 

Elie Saab

Elie Saab

Elie Saab



Zuhair Murad

Zuhair Murad

Zuhair Murad

Friday, 16 January 2015

The time i went to the ballet.. The Nutcracker by the English National Ballet

The last time i went to the ballet, i was 14 or 15 and on a school trip to Swan Lake. All i remember it being is incredibly quiet and though the ballet was as graceful as ever, i ate lots of sweets and then fell asleep and didn't remember a moment of it. This Christmas, i was keen on going back to the ballet and just experiencing it again as an adult and appreciating every moment. I chose to go to see The Nutcracker by the English National Ballet at the London Coliseum. 

From the moment the play started, i was instantly captivated by the splendour of the sets and the unique storytelling, purely through music and ballet. The set designers have to be given credit as each one was beautifully created with snowy windows, huge christmas trees, ballrooms and even a splendid sequence outside sequence where the characters ice skated across the stage. 

The dancers were simply fantastic. Selena Mowlem as the young Clara is brilliant and her youthfulness comes across in every move she makes across the stage. Alina Cojocaru played the older Clara and again was a joy to watch on stage. The only issue i had was with the mice, the mischievous villains in the story to the Mouse King who were less so disruptive and more so annoying in some of the scenes, not quite transitioning as well as they could have into the story.

However, i would say that this play is a must for all those who want to experience the ballet at least once in their lifetime. We went over Christmas and it truly was a magical experience, highly recommended to all.